March 15, 2016, Osaka, Japan

In conjunction with SANER 2016

Keynote Speaker

Stefan Bellon
Co-founder and managing director of Axivion GmbH

Clone Management in Practice [pdf (slides)]
Dealing with software clones is part of each software developer's daily work - knowingly or not -, however consciousness of and attitude towards software clones varies a lot. As part of my job in customer support and professional services at Axivion over the last decade, I gained a lot of insight into how software developers deal with software clones. My talk is going to report about different aspects of clone management in industry today as well as the difficulties software developers have when faced with the output of clone detectors. Some aspects of clone management work quite well and are accepted while in other areas techniques and presentations need to improve in order to be of valuable help to the software developer. I will conclude with a short tool demonstration of how we at Axivion establish clone management for our customers.

Stefan Bellon is co-founder and managing director of Axivion GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany. He received a degree in computer science at University of Stuttgart and his diploma thesis in 2002 compared different techniques of software clone detection using an acknowledged benchmark. Before co-founding Axivion, he worked as a researcher at the Programming Languages and Compiler Group of the Institute of Software Technology at University of Stuttgart. His research topics were in the area of program analysis, especially architecture checking and clone detection. Since 2006, Axivion is committed to helping customers avoid software erosion in their long living software projects with the help of the Axivion Bauhaus Suite, a versatile static code analysis solution - including several clone detection tools. Stefan has direct customer contact by performing different kinds of workshops and giving training for configuration and customization of the Axivion Bauhaus Suite.